Haysol Chung is a visual designer and illustrator with a dedication to creating playful and engaging work. From an early age, she communicated best through arts and crafts. She moved from Cupertino, California to attend UCLA’s Design Media Arts program from 2012-2016, and has remained in LA ever since.

During her 3+ years of experience, Haysol has created work for clients such as Hulu, City of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Times. She has a humanistic approach to design and illustration, and enjoys incorporating humor and charm into brand systems.

In March 2018, Haysol fulfilled a lifelong goal of adopting her first dog, Arlo, who looks a bit like Falkor from NeverEnding Story. She is currently training him to be a therapy dog. Outside of work, Haysol enjoys hiking at Griffith Park, drawing at cafes, and making stuffed toys. Along with taking on freelance projects, she often collaborates with friends to make zines and books.

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