Catherine Santoso came from a country with thousands of islands, Indonesia, where she was exposed to many different cultures. Those same cultures that Catherine observed throughout her childhood has brought Catherine to pursue her dream to be a designer - flying to the United States and eventually ending up in Seattle. She then moved to California to pursue her BFA in Graphic Design at Academy of Art University. Post-college, Catherine worked her way through the industry and got the opportunity to create new brands, packaging, and brand images for many companies.

In 2017, Catherine moved to the Silicon Valley area to join a start-up company, One Concern. While there, she was tasked to creatively make their product more interactive. Since then, Catherine has found her new passion in pixels and colors, in discovering a problem and solving them. Working in Silicon Valley has taught Catherine to explore creativity without limits. Most recently, Catherine produced and helped other designers create a style guide for One Concern’s latest consumer platform.

Through her experiences, Catherine has gained many new skills in and out of her field. From Silicon Valley to Los Angeles, Catherine is very excited and looking forward to making new friends and to discover exciting places that Los Angeles has to offer. When not working, Catherine loves to workout and be a foodie as well - a balanced life. Catherine dreams of traveling through the oceans and valleys and discovering the gems of the earth.

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