A brief look inside how we unlocked the principles that guide our new brand identity.

A Shift in the Sales Industry

Do you recall the last moment you had with someone over the phone trying to sell you something or assisting you with an issue and the experience was positive? For some, the notion of sales, salesperson, and even customer support might be met with resignation or with apathy. For businesses however, sales are the lifeblood of a company where every conversation and interaction matters. 

Emboldened by new technologies to solve for an increasingly complex buying process with more time-pressed buyers, the very fabric of sales has been going through a rapid transformation over the past decade across marketing, customer success, sales, and revenue teams. But, along with each additive and new point solution, forgettable customer experiences not only persisted, they are being replicated. Through an abundance of data and information, it has become more difficult to engage prospects let alone make a sale. With a holistic point-of-view of the customer getting narrower and rooted in legacy tools, workflows, handoffs, and processes – this is not exactly what the modern world expects of customer experiences.

The process of selling and buying should benefit both businesses and customers through a more informed and empowered experience. From a design perspective, it is not enough to be human-centered, but equally if not more, design should impact an entire ecosystem made up of interconnected products and experiences. To deliver against that, we must ask, "How can we better understand conversations and how people connect?"

Meet ringDNA

In 2012, ringDNA's win at the Dreamforce Hackathon proved that delivering better sales experiences and results was not only possible but essential. Through its Intelligent Dialer, ringDNA unlocked greater visibility and context across critical sales conversations and marketing interactions at scale.

Eight years later and with billions of customer interactions recorded and analyzed, ringDNA’s growth is reflected in the value it unlocks for enterprises like AWS, Amazon Business, HPE, Twilio, Cvent, SAP Concur, Autodesk, and Nutanix. What was once a singular focus built around a dialer to be able to connect with prospects, is now amplified across innovative products designed around elevating productivity, performance, guided selling, real-time coaching, and actionable insights - solutions that champion the needs of the seller and empower and build trust with the buyer.

Finding Focus

To mirror our aspirations of becoming a global leading brand, through an initial series of workshops during the Summer of 2018, we refined ringDNA’s brand strategy and expression to better reflect the true spirit of the brand. In doing so, we were able match the ambitions of our users with the experiences they have with our products. Our aim today is to set the pace for modern sales experiences so that we can bring value to every interaction in uncompromisingly creative ways. It is also an opportunity to build a world where we can tap into the rich traditions of storytelling and craft visual narratives that inform, give context, and guide people towards meaningful connections.

The Hero and the Sage

The discovery and understanding of our brand personality was one of a few workshop exercises that helped the team identify who we are as a brand when personified - how it thinks, speaks, behaves, and what lasting impression it should leave. While seemingly existential, these are critical questions that shaped our core beliefs allowing our brand to tell its story in unique ways. For ringDNA we identified with two archetypes, the Hero and the Sage - setting the tone for what ringDNA's new expression and visual language would become.

The interplay between the two personalities is central to our passion for coaching and elevating the next generation of sales leaders. It also guides us to keep focused on building relationships that are reciprocal rather than purely transactional. Visually, we can imagine these complementary roles as levers to lean on when we want to tone things up and be bold (Hero) or tone things down and be more measured (Sage).

ringDNA brand framework: conversations, data, people
Signaling Change

At the intersection of communication, human connection, and technological innovation a key inspiration early on was the morse code. By leaning in on existing positive brand equity around our name ringDNA, the morse code and DNA influenced ideas that are core to our AI-powered products. Fundamentally, these concepts shaped our visual identity framework centered around: conversations, data, and people.

ringDNA brand logomark and symbol
Building Awareness

Our new symbol and logomark represent the bold and optimistic evolution of the ringDNA brand by combining imprints of morse code and DNA sequences. Kinetically, our symbol mimics the exchange of data and conversations. Its flexibility allows us to dynamically create dot and dash combinations to represent names for customers, teammates, team names, phrases, and visualize conversations in product to extend the idea that the “building blocks of great conversations start here.”

ringDNA brand the building blocks of great conversations start here typography

As our products have become even more integrated, it is continually matched by our flexible Brand Guidelines and Plasma Design System with support from cross-functional teams. Two years after the redesign a strong team culture is driven by the brand refresh and our brand values, inspiring the team daily with a bold, optimistic, passionate, and customer-obsessed attitude.

Today, this perspective continues to build on our promise and reputation as an industry leader delivering trusted and excellent customer experiences - enabling some of the largest global companies to sell better and continually grow.

ringDNA brand logo symbol code translation
ringDNA brand primary secondary and accent color palettes
ringDNA brand color palette meaning and usage
ringDNA brand primary typography bold monday logical

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ringDNA brand guidelines page layout designs showing brand identity

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ringDNA admin product UI screen

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